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Rapid Cash photo

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Monday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

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We're working with the lenders who perform only soft credit checks. It means that you'll get much higher chance of approval with us.

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With our near instant approval payday loans you just need to click the "Submit" button, fill out the form and get the money in 1 hour!

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Don't be fooled by anyone who promises guaranteed approval for bad credit loans. It's not possible. But we make sure you get the best possible opportunity from our direct lenders. Even if you have low income.

If you are looking for reliable financial services like payday loans in Tampa, Florida, Rapid Cash can provide fast payday advance loans near you. All the information is available below, including interest rates, loan requirements, office addresses, phones, reviews, and more.

Rapid Cash is a direct lender with easy approval for everyone. Even if you have bad credit, Rapid Cash can offer you a loan with no credit check and probably no bank account. All you have to do is go to their website or to the office at 3531 W Waters Ave, Tampa, FL 33614, USA and apply for a quick loan via a short 5-minute application.

Having an overall rating of 1, Rapid Cash is loved (or hated) by 11 users, who got their emergency loans same day (or next day) after submitting an application.

Disclaimer: We do not represent Rapid Cash and can’t know for sure if you’ll get guaranteed approval if you apply directly on their site or in the office. But from our experience, people who submit a quick application through our website have a ~95% approval rate. It’s up to you to decide.

Rapid Cash contact info

Name: Rapid Cash
Address: 3531 W Waters Ave, Tampa, FL 33614, USA
Phone: (813) 935-4645
Website: https://rapidcashonlione.com/

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Rapid Cash rates and requirements for payday loans

MIN Loan Amount $100
MAX Loan Amount $5000
MIN. Loan Term 7 days
MAX. Loan Term 60 days
Credit score requirements Available for Bad Credit
Credit Check No Credit Check

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Rapid Cash's Reviews

Miguelina Tarvers profile picture
Miguelina Tarver

I did a loan in 2015 for 1,450 on my 2,000 Dodge Ram 3500 , their contract states that you must make payment on their card provided by them via online payment , at Walmart or 7eleven , and that outside of using their payment card any other form of payment will not be credited to the account , I tried making the 1st payment threw all avenues provided in contract and none of them worked with this card I was provided , I called rapid south loans explaining the situation and the lady told me that's not their problem , they never offered a fix but rather asked me to send them a check which is outside of the contract so I refused , then a few months later they called me pretending to be an outside collection agency and asked me to wire the money into a Wells Fargo account , I refused due to the fact that they have violated the written contract , now almost a year later they are calling me saying they want my truck and that it now belongs to them and that I no longer have any rights to the truck , my truck is worth over 12,000 dollars and I took a minimal loan of 1,450 , I was set up they purposely made it so I could not pay them so they could try and legally strip me of my truck .

Marianna Hubbards profile picture
Marianna Hubbard

I had a loan in Rapid. It was a very bad time with them. I got $5.000.00 loan and I paid right at $10.000.00 to them in one year but they still gave me a hard time. My father-in-law loaned me the money and I got my tile back. Do not go to Rapid. It should be put out of business for good. The way I see it, they owe me $5.000.00.

Arvilla Bedfords profile picture
Arvilla Bedford

Whew! All paid off and gone? Not so fast! I still need the Lien off my title. Will they return the phone call? Nope.. Will they send the Satisfied Lien form? Nope! Will they charge an unreasonable fee to get it four years later? YUP!

Eudaldo del Valles profile picture
Eudaldo del Valle

These business model and the intentions of MOST of its people is a complete scam and a racket, they target they most poorer and needy , typically minorities and elderly people, people that unfortunately they don't know of that usury and sharks predatory loans practice is legal at corporate level , just check the map and see where this type of business thrive the most, the most poor, in Hillsborough county Central Florida , Tampa metro area the flooded the east section of the county where the people most in need live, is unspeakable our state legislation allow these reptiles to flourish like that , oohh I forgot about the huge money pot the put in lobby to stay afloat.

Misha Velasquezs profile picture
Misha Velasquez

The way the system is sat up now to appraise the vehicle is terrible and i hate this system.